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November 19, 2004 by tina_ turner
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November 18, 2004 by tina_ turner
got up at seven ,did stretches,abdomen exercises for 45 minutes ,aerobic exercise (running up and down the stairs) :10 times
reached college at fifteen min. to nine ,went to college library to study ,came back home for lunch,studied pathophysiology
i was watching a serial "hello dollie"...absolutely loove it...its basically about this clumsy,funny,hyperactive ,schoolgirl whos always talikng to herself ,about her frds,her crushes,about how she always gets late for class coz she hates drinkin...
November 17, 2004 by tina_ turner
why the hell am i always stuck in second gear....? pleaaase god theres got to be an answer to this one ...i mean you have to absolutely have to answer this one ...why the hell can't i have an absolute ten on ten figure,...a great ,dashing,smart ,good looking,witty,funny,caring,sensitive ,romantic,perfect hunk of a male for a boyfriend ....who dances like patrick swayze ,plays guitar like kurt cobain ,and spends his vacations abroad....why the hell can't i get up on time ,get ready in a jiffy ,a...
November 14, 2004 by tina_ turner
i am going on (no..rather i am on..) a diet from the 14th of november 2004 ,1600 hours,15 minutes,thirty seconds...the reason for such development of affairs is number 1. priyanka chopra and her ten on ten figure in "aitraaz" and number 2.the diwali bonanza of chocolates,jalebi,"murunda" etc etc..
my diet today
one cup of milk with little more than one teaspoonful sugar and two helpings of kellogs cornflakes
one nutty
one "katori" white peas with one chapatti without ghee
so far so good...
November 11, 2004 by tina_ turner
saw "morning raga" today and must say one hell of a movie ,great acting performances by shabana azmi(quite predictable..her being a veteran and all..) ,perizaad zorabian(one of my all time favourites..great elegance,beauty,intelligence personified..sophisticated woman with heart of gold...), and the male lead(don't know his name...)but most of all very different storyline,good content and grt direction.. but special mention to whosoever has done all that karnatic classical singing ..absolutely...
November 10, 2004 by tina_ turner
im going to be farmer...
a good ,honest,hardworking farmer ..no complications ,no shit no mess..
just go to some village till my land till the sun sets ..work all day long until im tired and happy ,enjoy the simple pleasures of life...make my own food and relish it even if it comes out burnt
really i think a basically simple person like me who feels happiest (translated at peace...) when she's working with both her mind and hands would be best doing something like that..but then what do i d...
November 9, 2004 by tina_ turner
i am doing grt..) (tina..the die hard optimist...!) so pathophysiology marks are out and i have failed by two marks ...checked out the paper of the topper....and i should admit that i'll have to change my coursebook..the thing is i have been studying from "harsh mohan" which is a pretty confused book so will change over to "ross and wilson"...moreover in style of writing would have to be more direct,answer only pertaining to the question asked and write with clarity ,not repeat the same things...
November 8, 2004 by tina_ turner
went to south extn. today after college ..to get that perfect LEVI fit 559....unfortunately they didn't have the waist size in the colour and fit i wanted to buy ...,and new stocks are not coming before diwali ..(actually it was sis's but after one or two wears realized wat a good fit it was...so decided to buy one for myself..) so think will check out their showroom in CP..
till i catch u next
happy shopping!
November 7, 2004 by tina_ turner
i mean this is crazy...so wat am i supposed to do if you are going to USA ...i mean okay so it's your life ,it's your career ...n watever you are doing ...ur doing for yourself...so why the hell should I cry over u?..or waste my precious time in seeing you off to the airport..i mean whatever it is ,ur going now and u don't care n once there.. you would be busy with your own life so i see no point that mom and dad should make such a hue and cry about it...i mean heello ..even i exist and i'm r...
November 7, 2004 by tina_ turner
so i can finally feel that diwali is just round the corner...wat with the air full of festivities and general goodwill of people(ummm to be precise mum dear...! hey did i say it..i love you mom,..thanks for making diwali sooo special..!! tons of flying kisses from my side ...*puch*..!) though i have no doubt that the continuous supply of chocolates , mithai ..n general goody goody things to eat would play havoc with my figure but then just this once i say ..wat the heck!!
till i catch u next
November 6, 2004 by tina_ turner
got up at eleven..went to college library at 12...studied for almost three hrs...came back home,had my lunch..n plan to finish microbiology , pharmacology today...
till i catch u next
keep smiling
November 4, 2004 by tina_ turner
1:40 am
had a great time..superb..fabulous...either this world is not for me or maybe i'm not for this world ! ...had it not been for a selected few i would have probably gone mad..but then i think a "bindaas" chhori like me almost always has fun...wherever, whenever , however..!! kudos! ..to the mast mast tina
ms chikni chupri: didn't say much ...but right after entering house,ooh aah..ed with sis n went straight to the kitchen ,busy helping mom (ahem..?!)
tina:jealous of all the attention ...
November 4, 2004 by tina_ turner
Well, to point out the obvious, you are a very
loving person! you aren't one to get angry
easily, and when you DO have a "mean"
moment, you are quick to apoligize. You are a
very romantic person and would do anything to
make your significant other happy. You are the
one that everyone gets along with no matter
what. Due to your heart being on your sleeve,
you can be tricked easily at times, but you
dont let it phase you. You tend to jsut smile
and give them a candy bar . Your always
November 4, 2004 by tina_ turner
current song on tape :it must have been love
current expression:none ) (courtesy no marks wet face pack!)
current mood:rolling stones "don't stop"..love that song,honestly
thanks to the month long fasts before eid (ramzaan) we are not having proper classes in college .. practicals are hardly taken seriously..wat with fifty percent of the class fasting nobody is studying (my college being a muslim university..as in the name is muslim,otherwise there is fifty percent muslim reservation in eac...
November 3, 2004 by tina_ turner
got up at seven thirty quarter to eight ..got ready ..reached college at nine thirty..came back home at one ..had my lunch ..and plan to study till late
till i see you next
keep it cool
ps.did i tell you how much fun i had playing dumbcharades